Monday, July 24, 2017

Ying Sim's Baby (kinda) Fullmoon Celebration!

It's really quite insane that Ying Sim is now a mom... haha
With that, I calculated the maths and realized that I knew her a good odd 10 years?? (Did I do the math right?? That's a double digit! O_O)

From the days we studied Japanese together (she's the studious one & still is, I...just hope to survive every class hahaha T_T Should have put more effort seriously) she went to the UK, got a boyfriend, came back, started work, married and now a mom!

Isn't it insane? O_O (don't know how many times I wanna repeat that word here haha)

In our group of 4 (Japanese classmates), how funny the youngest two of the group got preggers first.

We already don't get to hang out much cause we no longer studied Jap and due to change of lifestyle (marriage and all) Now with babies.. I guess the time spent will be even less? [ •́ ‸ •̀ ]

So I guess even though I am super happy for her ...sometimes I miss the old times when schedule was flexible and things were impromptu #ahyounglife but life moves on! Thankfully, we are quite noisy on watsapp so it's not too bad!

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